Kentucky-Style Fried Chicken Recipe


"Col. Sanders' Success Secrets Exposed"

A Visit with The Colonel in Corbin, KY

From The Desk Of  John David Bradshaw

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Don't you just love fried chicken?  So did Colonel Harland Sanders who became the icon for the Kentucky Fried Chicken empire in the 1960s.  His secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices made the original Kentucky Fried Chicken so finger-lickin' good! 

A few years ago I visited the Colonel's very first restaurant in Corbin, KY.  I ate lunch at the Sanders' Cafe that had been restored to its original charm.  Much of it is now a museum that archives the life and times of Colonel Harland Sanders.

In my ebook, "Col. Sanders' Success Secrets Exposed! --- A Visit with The Colonel in Corbin, KY.", I take you on a tour of the Sanders' Cafe.  Complete with photographs of the various items on display in the museum, I lead you through the history of the Kentucky fried chicken story and reveal the Colonel's secrets to building an empire.

The Recipe:  No one outside of Yumm Brands, the current owner of the KFC franchise system and the "secret" recipe, knows exactly what the formula for the original fried chicken cooked by the Colonel in the sixties really is.  Many have tried to re-create his recipe.  Included with this ebook as a separate pdf file is a "guess" at what those 11 herbs and spices were. 

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